Single-ing for Soba and Spanish Donuts

I like eating out and going to the movies: food and films—the two things I live for. Mostly I go alone, because all my friends have day jobs (and I probably should get one for myself), and it’s not like that I have someone particularly special. Yes, no surprise there, I’m single as fuck. Besides, I enjoy the premise of going alone, the freedom from imposed courtesy of thinking and paying for your partner’s meal or movie.

I went out yesterday to watch Antoinette Jadaone’s new film The Achy Breaky Hearts, a film that—Jiminy Fuck-knuckles!—celebrates singlehood. It’s an antithesis of sorts (or is it?) to Tonet’s previous films that have always been about finding love. The conscious putting of one’s self in a state of solitude can be easily diminished as sort of a service to fans, a gesture at relatability so to speak; but then, as you hear Tonet narrate (and commentate) on the movie’s events as they unfold, you start to recognize the film as a bona fide love letter, one that invites to, for once, love ourselves. With this, her new film thrives; it’s a lateral step for Tonet in terms of storytelling, and I’m always happy to see filmmakers like her making a smart use of the platform that she has.

I should probably write a proper review, and this is running a little bit too long already. Find my film website Film Police Reviews as I will be writing a full review there.

It’s, I don’t know, a nice coincidence(?) that a film that celebrates one’s love for oneself is playing on the very day I have dedicated to treating myself to a time of just sheer chill. Of course, going out to the mall alone, or what I call “single-ing”, requires much bodily juice—and one has to charge up.

Probably has the best view of Chinese lanterns in the Metro.
Probably has the best view of Chinese lanterns in the Metro.
Of course I took some photos of the parking space. Don't judge me.
Of course I took some “artsy-fartsy” photos of the parking space. Don’t judge me.
I said no judging. :|
I said no judging. 😐

I walked around Lucky Chinatown Mall and saw a nice-looking place called Nadai Fujisoba (click here to follow them on Facebook!), which is perfect, as I was craving for some noodle soup. You can’t fault a “ramen type of guy” for having ramen be the first thing that pops to his mind when thinking of noodle soups, but at the time, I was looking for something lighter on the belly (if you follow me on Twitter, I’m on a Project: Balik Alindog—it’s ongoing for 3 years now and currently meets zero to very little results, don’t frakking judge me).

Soba, then, is just perfect.

I ordered an Aka Fuji Soba, which is a red noodle soup. I’m a sucker for heat in food, so this is perfect for me.

A few thoughts: I think it’s a well-rounded dish that has enough texture and flavor to get you by that you leave with a pleasantly fulfilled tummy. The portions, as with these dishes, are massive, which I appreciate given its rather mid-pack price of 260 PHP. The noodles have plenty of bite; and so does, surprisingly, the thin tender slices of beef peppered with red spice. Around it, you have vegetables aplenty—spring onions, Japanese seaweeds, and a big square of nori. The star of the dish, though, is the “organic, Japanese egg” (for whatever this means, nice lady at the front desk!). Those few bites are just heaven, man! One minor caveat, though, is I wish there was less oil in the dish. It’s nothing too obtrusive that it ruins the experience, though.

Overall, this is a dish that one might say is a bit derivative, but then again, ‘derivative’ doesn’t necessarily mean bad. At the end of the day, I had fun digging further this bowl. And that’s what counts.

What a great bowl.
What a great bowl.

If you want to try out Nadai Fujisoba’s dishes, there are a number of branches around the metro. Lucky Chinatown Mall is the closest to me, as I live in Manila, but friends up North and down South will be pleased to know that there’s one in SM North EDSA, SM Aura Premiere, and SM Mall Of Asia.

Follow them on Instagram, and tell ’em I’ve sent you.

After turning L.C.M. upside-down doing a bit of window shopping (mostly gadgets and books and, okay, yes, some clothing)—a habit that you learn to enjoy if you’re as broke as me—I was about an hour before the movie starts. Of course, my belly had no chill and had to gruntle for more food, and enslaved to my body for anything related to food, I gave in.

Churros! <3
Churros! ❤

I found a nice-looking coffee shop inside the cinemas, and—heavenly Yeshua!—they serve churros! If you don’t know what churros are, they are essentially just deep-fried Spanish donuts. The shop’s name is called Q’urros (click here to find them on Facebook), and they’re an upstart brand, the same shop at L.C.M. being their first branch.

I will frequent this shop.
I will frequent this shop.

I ordered a bucket of Grean Tea nugget churros (an order will set you back 100PHP for a dozen of nuggets, which I think is a steal!). Let’s just say it made my day. The nuggets themselves are properly sized, perfectly crisp, and once you get inside, incredibly chewy. The flavor is, thank Heavens, not sweet at all. You can tell it’s green tea powder and hasn’t any sugar in it (there’s just enough of that in the churro, anyway).

Follow Q’urros Spanish Donuts on Instagram.

I had a great time going out. The good food and the overall good movie, of course, helped build that, but it’s the idea that I can live like this, always, that excites me. Plus, I get to tell you these “A Day In The Life” stories, however boring they might grow. In the words of Nux in Mad Max: Fury Road:

“What a day, what a lovely day!”


Vignettes from Gapan, Nueva Ecija

This week, we went on a trip to Gapan, Nueva Ecija to meet some family friends. The drive was long and, nothing new to Philippine climate, very humid. Proved all worth it, though: I was able to take some photos using my phone (I wish I brought a mirrorless or a D.S.L.R.!); began posting something on my vsco account, like any normal being should; and had an interesting lunch on a raft at Minalungao National Park in General Tinio.

Here are some of the pics.


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
On our way to the park, we encountered this fun heard of cows. Felt surreal for some reason. Like I’m in some movie.


 I feel like one among the cool kids who shoot feet and elusive felines.

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Clear skies make me want to just…fly. Don’t you?

Now, off to shoot some fun with my sister and my nieces.

This is Jelai—you’ve probably seen her in previous ‘grams. She likes posing, apparently.
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
This is Nickole. She’s great. But can we take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous I’ve managed to make the lighting look? Anyway, yeah, Nickole’s pretty great too.
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Finally, here’s my ate Ana. She loves dat yellow umbrella. 😊

A Quick Bite

I like meetings. it assures me that a project is moving forward.

I had an interesting one yesterday with a filmmaker friend, with whom I am to work on a music video for an upstart local band called HALINA (link to their Soundcloud). It’s an exciting project. Not my first ride, obviously, but these days, any new project excites me. That’s why I like creating: it puts me in a trance-like state of constant, manic joviality and enthusiasm.

scarsdale-logo.pngMeetings, however, take energy. Lots of it. I walked out of the coffee shop spent. Took a quick walk around S.M. City San Lazaro, and found one of my favorite coffee shops in the area, Scarsdale Artisanal Delights. I should write a proper review of the place (which is gorgeous, bee-tee-dubs!), but considering that this is a quick visit, I might as well just write a quick post.

If you’re ever around the area, find Scarsdale Artisanal Delights. They have some other great stuff on the menu: the Tuna Cheese Melt Croughnut Sandwich, for example, is to die for; the Seasalt Caramel Croughnut, to obsess over; and dang, the Jalapeño Fries, such a great side. Drinks are fun, too. My personal favorite is their Matcha Latte.

Find Scarsdale Artisanal Delights on Instagram, here. They also have a website which you can be visit by clicking this link.

Capped the night off with two scoops of B.T.F. (beyond the flavor) ice cream. Pistachio + Salted Caramel. I ship it.

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Beautiful, you give me life.